5 Tips to Select Luxury Cotton Sheets

With all the cotton sheeting products on the market, it can be difficult to select the best products for your guests' needs. Here are a few tips to help you identify a quality product and select the top product for your business.

1. Grade of Cotton

When you want to provide the best to your guests, you must start with a quality product. Fine cotton linens made from the best materials on the market begin with 100% Grade "A" cotton.  Grade "A" cotton is the highest quality on the market and provides the luxury feel all beds deserve.

2. Fiber Length

The length of cotton fibers or staples greatly impacts the quality of thread that is created. Thread created from Grade "A" Combed Cotton uses long staple lengths of at least 12 inches.  Long Grade "A" Combed cotton fibers increase durability and eliminate pilling that can occur after washing with the use of Carded Cotton.

3. Mercerization

Mercerization is a chemical treatment applied to fabrics to increase tensile strength, produce brighter colors, prevents stains from adhering to your linens and lasts the entire lifespan of our fabrics.  This process creates a softer hand while reducing laundering and drying times. This is not to be confused with a cheap substitute some use called Calendaring, which is done after the dye process and only lasts a few wash cycles.

4. Thread Count

Many aspects go into the creation of quality cotton sheets.  A thread count of at least 200 can provide your elite clientele with a luxurious feel while creating a soft and durable product.

5. Finishing Touches

Attention to detail is a sign of quality. The small details such as double needle lockstitch hems, intricate edging, and three-inch hems can create a look of luxury for your combed cotton sheeting.

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