1935 – 2023: 88 YEARS and counting...

1st Generation: William Campbell was one of Mr. Danford’s first employees and at the age of 14 started working for Mr. Danford after school. The business started as a small shop buying and selling textiles by the pound, known as a jobber. Mr. Danford eventually evolved the business into a small fabricating facility. The passing of Mr. Danford turned the business over to Mrs. Margaret Campbell Danford (Williams’s older sister). William continued to work for the company all through his young business career helping his sister. The only absence from employment was when Willian left to serve his country in World War II. Eventually, against the advice of his wife Mary, William decided to leave his secure employment of 25 years with the T Eaton Co. and enter the business full time. Under his leadership, this small fabric converter became a major cut and sew facility.

We are very proud and privileged to be able to manufacture items for some very prestigious corporations, such as Seagram’s (Crown Royal Liquor Bag), Chanel (Powder Mitts), Avon (Cosmetic Packaging) and the Exxon Corporation (Esso Tiger Tails), to name a few.

January 24,2022 marked the passing of our Founder and Inspiration for the company. He was 102 years young and will be sadly missed but never forgotten.

2nd Generation: Richard Campbell (William’s son) helped his mother at age 12 doing piece work and later when he was old enough to work full time in the Montreal factory, which employed at its peak some 80 factory workers and 50 sub-contractors. Richard decided to concentrate on the hospitality section of the business, though it was the smallest portion, he thought he could impress upon his father that he too could bring the business to another level. He expanded the small table linen section of the business and introduced the company to some of its major customers such as Air Canada, Hilton Hotels, Westin and Four Seasons Hotels.


The need to offer only the very best of products had the company evaluating products worldwide, eventually bringing the company to discover the fine linens of Europe and a small factory in Italy. As fate would have it, this small factory also had the same humble start in 1935. Naturally, this led to the formation of the CASTELLO* Group: a group of companies manufacturing high-end bed, bath and table linens, which is all controlled by the Campbell family. The line has expanded to cover every linen item you could possibly imagine, all aspects of production, logistics, and sales are controlled in-house. 

3rd Generation: Taylor Campbell (Richard's Son) entered the company in the new millennium. Taylor as Vice President continued along their father’s path and concentrated solely on the high end luxury market; bringing on some of the finest customers’ in the industry; Holland America’s Seaborne Cruise Line, MGM Resorts International, Aman Resorts, Fairmont Hotels, Four Seasons Hotels, Ritz Carlton Hotels.

The sales team has expanded worldwide with Account Managers in United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Russia. Warehouse and Distribution points have also grown with East and West Centers in United States, Europe, and Asia.

4th Generation: Anthony Campbell (Taylor's Son) Anthony was born September 27, 2014, and has a little ways to go before actually joining the CASTELLO* team.  This, however, is just one more reason why the Campbell family drives forward continuing to set new goals and secure the company for future generations to come.

If the first 86 years are any indication as to where this corporation will be headed, then we can certainly hope for a strong and prosperous future. The CASTELLO* Group will continue with its global thinking and evolve with the next generation and beyond...