CASTELLO Difference

CASTELLO 1935 is a manufacturer of Fine Italian Bed, Bath and Table Linen for the Luxury Hospitality, Home and Private Label Industry Worldwide

CASTELLO* is a 3rd-generation company with 88 years of experience in the textile industry and master craftsmen in manufacturing high-quality products.

We would like to provide your property with high-quality bed, bath and table linen products that match the level of luxury you want your guests to experience. The sheet they sleep on, the towel with which they dry, and the napkin with which they blot are the most intimate and personal items your guests experience while at your property. As such, they are also the perfect opportunities to show them true luxury.

Grade "A" 100% Combed Cotton:


Texcote Nano Down Treatment:

Using only the longest cotton fibers twisted together to create the thread, our combed cotton products will not show that pesky pilling because there are fewer breaking points in the fibers of the threads. Plus, Grade "A" cotton is the highest quality cotton that can be used.  (There is no "A+ in the cotton industry.)

Combed Cotton: Cotton thread is made by twisting together staples, or strands, of cotton fiber. Combed cotton products use staples of 12 inches (30.48 cm) minimum to form the threads.  Longer staples prevent break points, fibers that rub together during laundering to create pilling, those pesky little fuzz balls.

Grade of Cotton: A letter grade indicating the quality of cotton with "A" being the highest quality.  All of our 100% cotton products are made using Grade "A" Combed Cotton.

Mercerization, in textiles, a chemical treatment applied to cotton fibers or fabrics to permanently impart a greater affinity for dyes and various chemical finishes.  Mercerizing also gives cotton increased tensile strength, increased absorption, and, usually, a high degree of luster, depending on the method used.

Treatment consist of immersing the yarn or fiber in a solution of sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) for short periods of time, usually less than four minutes.  The material is then treated with ware or acid to neutralize the sodium hydroxide.  If the material is held under tension during this stage, it is kept from shrinking appreciably; if no tension is applied, the material may shrink by as much as one-fourth. Higher-quality goods are usually mercerized; cloths so treated take brighter, longer-lasting colors from less dye.

  • All Sheeting and Table Linen undergo this bath.

A Nano treatment originating in Sweden and used to make the down fluffier and improve fill power. Additionally our Texcote treated down products are hypoallergenic, durable against washes, and quicker to dry (in less than 1/3 of the normal drying time).

Other benefits include:

  • Inhibits Bacteria Growth
  • Improved Filling Power
  • Light and Comfortable
  • Durable Against Washes
  • Enhance Thermal Performance
  • Reduces Natural Unpleasant Odor

Our Down Products are also finished with our T300 Sateen to prevent the quills from puncturing through.

High Quality Products:

We are all about quality here at CASTELLO*, which is a mark of true luxury.  Our sheeting and table linens are made of 100% Grade A Combed Cotton in our factory in Italy, where linen weaving and finishing techniques have been mastered and passed down for generations. Our towels are made of 100% Grade A Combed Cotton in our factory in Turkey, a country renowned for its quality terry-weaving.

We also use finishing processes, such as mercerization and double-needle lockstitch hems, to ensure our products are durable against the daily wear and tear of your industry, laundering 250+ times.

Competitive Pricing:

Yes; not only are our products luxurious and durable, but we also aim to offer them at a competitive price.  With sheeting ranging from 200-1200 thread count, towels from 550-700gsm, and 8 lines of table linens, we offer products of varying levels of luxury at competitive prices, without compromising our high-quality standards.

No matter what thread count or weight you select, you will receive a high-quality, durable product your guests will love.

Hospitality Focused:

We manufacture for and sell to the hospitality industry.  We focus on manufacturing luxurious linen and terry items that will withstand the daily wear and tear of hospitality. Our products are made to keep the look of luxury throughout their entire lifespan, which is a considerable 250+ washes.

So, if you are a General Manager, Director of Food and Beverage, Director of Housekeeping, Restaurateur, Innkeeper, Corporate Purchasing Manager, or hold any position in hospitality that deals with selecting and/or purchasing linens or terry for a luxury property...we want to help you.